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由于人力经费等诸多限制,所得活动key仅会发放给参与筹款的agents,充电组的各位请通过官方报名链接填写RSVP,选择off site,保留invoice number,于活动前完成300-400 L8 Power Cube储备工作并在规定的活动时间前集合于指定场地留影,接受当天负责的充电指挥管理监督并完成全程充电结束后再次留影,截取以下五张截图
1.所持有的anomaly比赛场地 key
2.活动开始前 充电数据profile
3.道具栏 power cube
4.活动结束后 充电数据profile
5.道具栏 power cube

举办这个活动的依据是什么? 见下 <= 点我看真伪

Q: How do I receive my Via Noir in-app medal if I’m an off-site participant?
A: Via Noir in-app medals are only available to off-site support participants who:

Ordered a paid supporter kit to be picked up for them or registered for a free ticket in advance or on the day of the event; AND
Whose role was at least one of the following coordinated with their POC in advance:
Intel operator
Involved with fielding
Involved with organized recharging Portals
Involved with the movement of shards/artifacts
Remote support players must coordinate with their faction POC in advance to determine the eligibility criteria. Medals for off-site participants will be pushed to scanners after the POC submits their remote participation list. POCs have one to three weeks to submit their off-site list to Niantic. Medals Registrations made after the event will not accepted as valid.

If you have not received your medal for off-site/remote participation, please check with your POC first to see if the off-site list with your name has been submitted to Niantic. Niantic will not be able to research missing medal requests until all POC lists have been received which may take up to three weeks.

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